The past year of 2021 has shown that Happy Watoto has become a strong and resilient organization.

The local management team, with the support of the local NGO Board, has shown that it is able to cope with a crisis and energetically pick up again after corona. The board management from the Netherlands has been pushed further into the background, although we, as financial supporters, do keep a close eye on things.

In October we paid a physical visit to our project for the first time in two years. It was extremely inspiring and an instructive immersion in African life and wisdom through fascinating conversations with young and old.

The political climate continues to fluctuate but confidence has increased due to the sudden change of power. President Samia seems to be a thoughtful and stable factor, after the turbulent period under the authoritarian President Magufuli.

With our sponsors and our partner Good Hope we have been able to provide the organization with the necessary resources for which we are extremely grateful to everyone.