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my first week

My Name is Dr. Jonas Michael I joined Ngorika Happy Watoto School one week ago.  It was Sepetember 3rd 2018 when I started serving and working at this school as a new head teacher. Before I joined this school I have been working in different Tanzania English medium schools in two different Tanzania Regions. I worked in Dodoma Region in two schools as a head teacher for 5 years and another school I worked as a head teacher for two years. For the past 7 years I have been working in one of the successful school in Arusha called The school of St. Jude as an academic master and deputy head teacher. I decided to join Ngorika Happy Watoto School in order to use my abilities, Talents and potential to support the vision and mission of this organisation of giving out Quality Education to children with less privilege.

My first day when I joined this school it was a wonderful day to me especially to meet staff of Ngorika happy watoto school.  I enjoyed much the introduction part which was conducted my Marion, Norah and Mr.Mathew Karau. I real appreciate their wise and wisdom words which they talked as part of my welcoming. To the teachers it was very great because of their desire and promises of joining their hands to support the office of head teachers it went to extend that some teachers who have been here for some years said they will give their maximum support all these words and their welcoming heart caused my heart to be in position of feeling confortable to work together with this team as a new player in a football team.  When I joined the school the week was very busy because of the  two events which took place the first event was the  preparation for Grade 7 students who were expected to do their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) starting from Wednesday 5th to 6thSeptember, I got time to be with these students for the two days before their exams counselling them and preparing them Physiologically in order to rise their confidence to do the exams and remove their fears and worries of the exams (Sickness of exams). In my discussion with these students I saw that they have great potential inside them which have been unlocked by the teachers who have been teaching them. The second event was the Grade 7 Graduation which took place on 8th September. All these two events helped me to interact with every individual worker who is working in the School.    I can say that within the six days which I worked together with teachers and other staff to prepare grade 7 to do their exams successful and their Graduation ceremony. It shown to me as If I have been working in Ngorika for Happy Watoto for the past six months. I’m so energized to work with every person in the organisation and the school in general to take the school and the organisation to peak of great achievement.

I would like to thanks everyone for great welcoming and your lovely heart of sharing your experience with me. I’m looking ahead to work with you to shift the performance pyramid of  our school from Good School to a Great School. 
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