een veilige plek waar ze kind kunnen zijn

school week bij Happy Watoto


My name is Gedion Philip Mollel, I live in Happy Watoto Home. I have lived here for seven years now. We have our daily and weekly activities and duties. Our weekly activities run from Monday to Friday. On Monday, we normally have different activities which are as follows. We begin with family time whereby we learn a lot of things we know and what we don’t know. In family time we also learn about the difficult subjects that we don’t understand well in school so as we can help each other to understand better. In school my favorite subjects are Mathematics and English. I also like Science and Social studies. I enjoy much while doing Mathematics because its everything.

On Tuesday we normally have sports and arts. In school many pupils like sports because every weekend we always have competitions with other schools. On Wednesday we do different activities like gardening and watering flowers around our home. In Happy Watoto Home we have a small garden near the school where we plant fruits and vegetables like mangoes, avacado. It’s our duties to take care of the garden daily. On Thursday we only do one activity that is cleanliness. We wash our clothes and clean our home environment. In doing this activity we divide ourselves in groups. On Friday we do general activities like gardening, sports, arts and cleanliness. We also do physical exercises and prepare ourselves for weekend competitions in the evening before revising past papers and doing our home works.

It is always good to be at Ngorika Happy Watoto Home because it’s a place where we get all our basic needs and children rights. We learn how to love, respect and participate in all things as a pupil. So I feel like a lucky person to be at Happy Watoto Home. I am here because my guardians could not afford giving me education and all the basic needs. I know that what I am here for is education and no one can take it away from me. All thanks to my sponsors who give me all what I need in Happy Watoto Home.

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